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I am Douglas R. Miller, a real estate attorney and licensed real estate broker.  I know how to find a real estate agent with excellent qualifications to meet your needs, whether it be an agent for residential real estate or commercial real estate, in the United States or elsewhere.  I will look for a real estate agent who will represent only you, hence the concept of single agency and the name of my company "1Agent."  The real estate agent whom I find will be required to take a pledge that he or she will place your interests above all others - especially their own.  In addition,  I conduct an on-line interview of the real estate agent to determine the credentials of each real estate agent whom I select.  The real estate agent whom I find will have some of the highest level of expertise, knowledge, respect and experience in the industry.

I inquire into a real estate agent's educational background and level of experience in several categories of real estate.  Experience in appraisal, home inspection, construction, relocation and other areas are important.  I look for meaningful professional accomplishments like the CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) and CRB (Certified Residential Broker) designations.  Membership and offices held in certain Realtor committees are also reviewed.

Like other services, I arrange for my fee to be paid by the brokerage firm (standard practice which most of our clients prefer).  However, unlike other real estate services, I disclose my fee to you and limit it to the low end of the scale, no matter what the broker/ real estate agent is offering to pay.  This service costs you nothing.

If you are moving locally, across the nation or even to Canada or Mexico, I can help you find an extremely well qualified real estate agent.

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This service has been developed by Douglas R. Miller, a licensed real estate attorney and real estate broker from Minnesota.   Although I am located and licensed in Minnesota, I can find you a real estate agent anywhere in the United States, Mexico or Canada.   My background includes real estate broker liability litigation, real estate contract law, title insurance, buyer representation and much more.   I  have owned and operated a mid-size title insurance company for over 7 years.   I played a key role in one of the most well known class action lawsuits in the industry regarding undisclosed dual agency.   I am a Real Property Law Specialist, certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association.   I have been an active advocate of exclusive buyer representation, i.e., using a "buyer agent."   My mission is to help the real estate consumer find and fully utilize the highest qualified real estate agent in their area.  Help support my effort by using this service.

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Important Disclaimers:

1.  Title One, Inc. is in no way associated with 1Agent and assumes no liability for the activities of 1Agent.  I work at Title One, Inc. and it just so happens that this is the best place to contact me.

2.  Although I am a licensed attorney, I am not offering legal services.   In fact, it would be illegal for me to do so.

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